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👋 My name is Qiqi (pronounced as kiki). I am a product and experience designer, as well as lettering artist.  A fourth year student at Minerva Schools studying Data Science and History, I bring together analytical approach and humanistic insights to my design process. 

I was selected as one of the 17 KP design fellows summer 2018, and had an amazing time working as a product design intern at Nextdoor.

Previously I've done design work at:
- a Series-B funded startup in San Francisco, @Scoop
- a refugee education NGO in Berlin, @Kiron;
- a UX agency in Argentina, @Aerolab;
- a new business incubator in Tokyo, @Hitomedia.  

Outside of class and work, I am usually found exploring the city or on my way to explore the city. I enjoy analyzing the signage and wayfinding designs of transit systems in different city, or wandering in unfamiliar neighborhoods people watching. And the third scenario is probably me doing lettering dreaming that I would be Jessica Hische some day.

You can find my recent travel snippets and lettering work on my Instagram @iiimkicky.

This semester, I am studying and desigining from east London. I'm always up for meeting new people and nerding out on design, education, urbanism, smart city, or online communities.

Say hi! Drop me a message at! :) 

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